Control Data Australia Memories compiled by Brian Membrey

The William C. Norris Scrapbooks (V1 Pages 181 to 215)


December, 1961

Control Data Buys Interest (25%) in Scientific Computers Inc. (bureau service, Minneapolis)


November 1961

The Science Discovery Letter on recommending CDC including a comparison of 1604 with IBM’s 7090 and predicting that in 1962, CDC would have a COBOL (CO Business Oriented Language)


November 1961

The Upper Midwest Investor - “The Computer Industry”. Pages 189-191 on CDC and an extensive background of Norris; also Sperry Rand Univac(p 192-3; General Mills (“a small computer operation”, p 194), Minneapolis-Honeywell (p 197), Scientific Instruments (p 198-200) and analysis of companies traded in the Twin Cities, “General Computing in the Upper West” and a lengthy description of the 1604 and CDC background (p 204-5)


August 1961? (Unclear)

Perhaps the most mystifying two pages in the scrapbooks. A unsigned handwritten “letter to Chas. Never sent”, presumably in Norris’ own hand (which at best would have earned a six-grader a C+).  The letter may well have been in pencil as the scanned copy is somewhat difficult to read, but appears to relate to a merger with CCC (Commercial Credit Corporation?; There does not seem to be any other acquisition using those initials, but I think it was 1968 when this happened - the letter suggests it was a “56 year old company”. “Chas.” is equally unknown)…


November 1961

Datamation. Business and Science UNIVAC - A Sober Look Back & A Peak Ahead.  Also references RCA, the IBM 1401 with a backlog of more 5,000 domestic  and 1,000 international orders, CDC 72 installations 160-160A with 50 orders in house; formation of Scientific Instruments Inc., Honeywell’s FACT compiler and a series of photographs (not captioned).


December 1961

Letter from Frank Mullaney to a resident (p 212-3 below) thanking him for supplying a news clipping from the front page of the New York Times


December, 1961

Letter to Mullaney from Richard B Rosenthal, Goldman, Sachs & Co., St Louis, Missouri


December 1961

Telegram from Rosenthal to NYT attached to above letter  “your comments re Control Data unfortunate as inference possible this company is “hot speculative issue”.  Product quality, conservative accounting procedures and other pertinent criteria are requisite in this analysis”


December, 1961

NYT article - copied at an angle, but the offending statement appears to be  "some of the so-called "hot" speculative issues  sell at such heights now. There is one growth stock called Control Data, which has been selling at 168 times earnings"


December 1961

CDC announces $25 million backlog in orders

        Volume 2 starts off from January, 1962 with a lengthy article following the announcement that the trial data had been set for the Sperry Rand  suit against Control Data. Rather ironically, the last page (331, 12 December, 1968) of the Norris Scrapbooks announces CDC’s Anti-Trust case against IBM.

Was there ever a Volume 3 or later?