Control Data Australia Memories compiled by Brian Membrey

The William C. Norris Scrapbooks (V1 Pages 121 to 180)


May 1960

Local “chat” column on CD offices, 37 salesmen world-wide, Norris and the 1604; dismissal of Manning’s attempt to remove Norris; moves for a scientif research institute in Twin Cities


August 1960

The Minnesota Engineer, lead article by Norris on need for a Research Institute


August 1960

As above


August 1960

As above


August 1960

As above, with a subsection on CD - Computer Division, Cedar Engineering and Control Corporation


April 1960

“The United States in 1975”,  Minnesota Engineer’s Club


September 1960

Control Data to build computers for NCR; Wisconsin Uni 1604 $1m+


August 1960

NCR to sell CDC; more on need for a Research Institute, “Big Daddy”, the nickname for CDC shares on the local market (then quoted $39-$41)


November 1960

Plans to construct $1.5 million plant at Roseville (plans illustrated), Norris counter-claim against Sperry for $17,000 back pay plus penalties


December 1960

Datamation : “Restrictions on micifted”; “Bright heads Computer Standards Group”


December 1960

Datamation : “Control Data activities worth noting” (inter alia - mostly NCR agreements)


November 1960

Two articles on plans for Roseville plant; 111% increase in sales


January 1961

Long article on Navy weather forecasting project, 160 and 1604 illustrated


February 1961

Roseville plans abandoned after potential court action by citizen’s groups; new plans announced for 250-acre site at Bloomington


February 1961

Statement of Earnings for six months to December 31, 1960 : Earnings $14.319 million, Net Earnings $644k representing $0.62 per share of Common Stock


February 1961

Front Cover of the Interim Report (above)


March 1961

Merits of Roseville vs Bloomington, resident’s threat of court action; CDC announces $16 million backlog


March 1961

Letter from Governor of Minnesota (Elmer L Anderson) to Norris offering congratulations on plans to construct plant, also on reaching a level of 1,000 employees


March 1961

More on Bloomington plans (illustrated); CDC stock hits $101.50 (March 29)


March 1961

$7.5 million development project proposed for Bloomington, CDC to acquire 750,000 sq-feet building at $750k to accommodate Cedar Engineering with around 400 employees on completion


February 1960

A little out of sequence, but a half-page Wall Street Journal; possibly the first promoting networking with a 1604 potentially linked to from one to six 160 or 160-A configurations


April 1961

Minnesota Business Development Newsletter


April 1961

Page 2 of above with CDC ad. for engineers and a brief commentary on the company, in part lauding it for including the Minnesota State emblem in all their advertising and reaching 1,000 employees


April 1961

Standard and Poore’s Newsletter with release from Minneapolis stockbrokers Piper, Jaffray and Hopwoood suggesting that whilst they had recommended CDC at $47 in December with a rise to around $97, it still considered the company “an outstanding issue for long-term growth


April 1961

Ditto from McDonnell & Co., New York “one of the most attractive industries for investment, IBM and CDC are the clear choices”


April 1961

The above details the growth of the industry from 1957 to 1960 and forecasts thru to 1969.  CDC’s predicted  growth in revenue to 1965 was estimated at 32%, ahead of IBM (27%), but slightly below


April 1961

NCR, Bendix and Minneapolis-Honeywell at 34%. Interesting that it had Burroughs as third-largest supplier in 1960 behind IBM and Sperry, but predicted negative growth. “IBM and Control Data Corporation are our choices for industry participation”.


April 1961

Final table showing performance of round a dozen companies 1960-61 … “in between IBM and Control Data, there are several powerful companies struggling to create a profitable, growing data processing business. We doubt any of these companies offer much attraction to the investor”


March-May 1961

Wall Street Journal (May) and un-cited Minneapolis reports of booming stock market with CDC quoted


Duplicate of 145-48 above


June 1961

DATAMATION article  “Computing in the Red and “Black” “CDC. Definitely in the Black, Control Data has continued to astound speculators with reports of the 6600 … tallies of 30 x 160-As and 12 1604s on the air


June 1961

Continuation of above … “Despite the recent STRETCH-class blow to pride and purse (see page 17), IBM’s profit picture remains the rosiest in the country .. The final word on STRETCH following Thomas J Watson’s NJCC announcement is that the machine will no longer be offered …” ???  (A later article suggested STRETCH (aka IBM 7030) was the most powerful computer available at a monthly rental of $200k compared to a 1604 at $34k)


Duplicates 154-55 (155 twice)


July 1961

Armed Forces Management. Lengthy article on U.S. Navy’s Weather Forecasting project with CDC


July, 1961

Wall Street Journal announcement of proposed 3-for-1 split of CDC Common Stock; Commercial and Financial Chronicle “The Security I Like Best” - obviously CDC, places 1604 at typically $1 million, 160-A, $100k; 160, $60k; 180 “Data Collector” $3k; Paper Tape Reader, $2k


July 1961

Continuation of latter article above


August 1961

Minneapolis Star article on Arsham Ohanessian, Management Consultant (relevance to CDC unclear)


August, 1961???

Relevance unclear - magazine source not cited and undated. Articles on a perceived lull in the local Minneapolis stock market, but mostly “Shazam! You’re Rich!”, a tongue-in-cheek look at share trading, but with the only corporate reference to Minnesota Mining “in 1916 primarily known for mediocre sandpaper. Its share were listed at a dollar each; but workers, whose pay included stock, would often indifferently trade them for a shot of whisky”. (The article went on to point out the 1916 shares had split and re-split into 192 shares, each worth in 1961 $80 each)


September 1961

Minneapolis Morning Tribune “Control Data Predicts Still Further Growth”


November 1961

The Science Discovery Letter   Recommendation of CDC as a growth stock, a comparison of “the Bin Ten” most powerful computers (1604 at No. 8, it was this table that identified I page 155 above) and a comprehensive  company history (address still 501 Park Avenue, Bloomington apparently still under construction


November 1961

ACE Magazine article “Market Outlook” with short mention of CDC growth and a suggestion the original float was “quite unusual” in that the stock was sold without the aid of investment dealers.


November 1961

Minneapolis Sunday Tribune “Control Data Blinks and Spins into Big League of Computers”, noted 30th 1604 was in final testing and an extensive background of both Norris and the Corporation


November 1961

Continuation of above …  This section speaks at some length on the development of the 6600 “which probably will sell for 8 to 12 million dollars” … “failure would have an adverse effects of Control Data but not sink the firm’ and a comparison with STRETCH … “I suppose we’re going to be a company one day” (Norris’ final comment).


December 1961

Graph (not cited) showing 1959-61 Cash Flow, Sales and Earnings per Share post the 3:1 Split. There is a background clipping on CDC buying a 25% interest in Scientific Computers through an exchange of stock - that’s page 181, but also my October update!