Control Data Australia Memories compiled by Brian Membrey


Head Office  - What the Papers Said

In this section, we  expand our horizons to take in Control Data Corporation and what the U.S. newspapers had to say.

I'm sure it will shock many to learn that in the early 1990's, CDC was earning nearly 10% of its gross revenue from running Lotto and Keno in several American states, and perhaps it is an even bigger surprise that Ceridean, one of the "spin-off" companies when the Corporation was split in two survives today with over 9,000 employees including a branch in Melbourne!

Sadly, The Land Of The Free isn't that when it comes to newspaper archives.

While we have the advantage of Trove (and in New Zealand, NZ Papers Past), many of the major American newspapers in the archive Newsbank * charge between $2.50 and $3.00 for any article beyond an arbitrary length (maybe around 300 words).  The 'pay-per-view' principle applies to the two major sources of information on the Corporations doings, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune and the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

On this basis and applying a proven scientific formula and foreign exchange rates, three articles equates a Third-Friday lunch (sans red), and as no-one has ever offered me three free articles (or a free lunch), you are on your own!

Site Structure :

The ARCHIVES contain the pizza-free complete articles, the majority of which are from the New York Times

The SNIPPETS are the "leaders" used by the Newsbank to drum up business - these at least do give a good indication of the content.  Links to the leader page are provided; all we ask is that if anyone is tempted to download a complete article, help save the Australian economy and forward it to us for free publication!

The REST are, as usual, the bits and pieces - like pineapple and anchovies on pizza, they just don't quite fit together with the other sections.  They are, however, complete articles.


There were a few more mentions of Control Data Corporation, mostly in the past tense, but there were far more references (again in the past tense) to past employees, some with more than 30 years with CDC, in the Obituaries or Funeral Notices. Again, given the names were embedded in the pizza-per-view section, few of the names are known.

However, The St. Paul Pioneer Express maintained a database of the obituaries that it had published and a search including "control data" as the search key returns around 190 entries dating from around May, 2002. In the off-chance that one or more of those listed may be known to local CDA employees, the list from the list from 2002 to the present day is available in PDF format from our Downloads page.

FEBRUARY, 2018 : The OBITUARIES are being upgraded - the original source seems to have expanded to over 1,000 ans there will be a judgement call required as to whethet the effort is worthwhile