Control Data Australia Memories compiled by Brian Membrey


Australian Financial Review

The Australian Financial Review was the first publication in Australia to feature an albeit irregular Computers and Automation section – the Review was published Tuesdays and Thursdays and bucked the later trend by opting for Thursday for a computer section generally attributed to “A Staff Correspondent” (from 1960, the science writer, Henry Strasburger, although there was often three or four weeks between articles appearing. Strasburger was not often noted by name, perhaps one of the reasons why he left in 1962 to become I.B.M. Australia’s first public relations manager.

Most of the material was of the theoretical essay style, talking of the-then concepts of computing rather than specific hardware, software or applications, and although the Review carried many advertisements from computer and business machine vendors, these were interspersed throughout the paper (typically 60 to 80 pages) rather than a revenue raiser attached to the “computer page”.

Later editors of the FinReview computer section included John “Black Jack” Costello (1981–82), David Noble (1983–84) and Beverley Head (1984–95).