Control Data Australia Memories compiled by Brian Membrey


ETR : The Financials

The Australian, April 14, 1970 (Noel Bennett)

Control Data U.S. has big loss in first quarter

Control Data Corp., one of the largest manufacturers of computers in the U.S. has recently forecast that it would have a “substantial loss” from computer operations in the first quarter of the year.

At the same time, Computer Sciences Corp. And Computer Applications Inc. announced that they would close their subsidiaries which provided specialized computer services ...

The Control Data loss in its computer operations has been blamed on reduction of large computer systems in the U.S.

This in turn was attributed to reduced government expenditures, inflation and the uncertain economic outlook.

The company has warned its employees of a planned reduction in the work force ...

(Article continues with woes of the other two companies)

The Australian, August 4, 1970 (Noel Bennett)

Will Control Data Australia employees be sending food parcels to their out-of-pocket compatriots in the U.S?

This thought is triggered off by news that with the slowdown in the U.S., Control Data Corporation has incorporated economy cuts.

Employees are being asked to take two weeks holiday without pay between now and the end of the year, and salary review dates have been moved forward six months.

About six employees in Australia are affected by these cuts – the remainder of the Australian staff are absolved by the fact that the international division is running above quota.

To keep the division this way and so thwart any such cuts being wrecked on a large scale in Australia, Control Data men are running rather strenuously after orders.

Not that there seems to be any really large-scale orders in the offing.  Control Data and other suppliers are looking towards the oncoming Budget which might indicate whether the university regional centres, long espoused, are anywhere near a financial reality.