Control Data Australia Memories compiled by Brian Membrey


Harold Holt Said …


FOR PRESS    NO. 604



The Treasurer, Mr. Harold Holt, announced to-day that it had been decided to acquire an, integrated network of electronic data processing equipment for statistical, .Treasury accounting and other appropriate departmental purposes, to be located in the Bureau of Census and Statistics in Canberra and mainland capital cities.

A similar major network for scientific and technical requirements of the Commonwealth to be acquired by the C.S.I.R.O. is being announced by Senator Gorton, Minister in Charge of that organisation. Acquisition of both groups of equipment was arranged through the Commonwealth Stores Supply and Tender Board.

Mr. Holt said that the Bureau of Census and Statistics by its initiative in the use of earlier types of computers compatible with its large punched card installation, had already made substantial progress in widening the range and speeding the presentation of statistical data and reports.

With the rapid growth of Australia in recent years, however, increasing burdens have been added to the Commonwealth Statistician and increasing calls are made upon him for more detailed and more timely information.

The Statistician's equipment has also been used by the Treasury for speeding the preparation of accounting information. In 1962, this culminated in presentation on the first working day in July of an analysis of revenue and expenditure of some £2000 million for the previous financial year. He knew of no other large organisation which could

claim this achievement” added Mr. Holt.

The Treasurer said that the introduction of this network of Electronic Data Processing Equipment for Statistical Accounting and appropriate administrative purposes will provide further important advances in capacity speed and flexibility.

It was for this reason after an intensive survey in Australia and overseas that he had authorised the Commonwealth Stores Supply and Tender Board in August of last year to invite tenders on behalf of the Commonwealth Statistician for an electronic data processing installation which would meet the needs he had outlined. .

”The Treasurer announced that the successful tenderer is the Control Data Corporation of Minneapolis, U.S.A. .

“The successful tender provides for the installation of a type 3600 computer in Canberra, together with smaller Satellite computers to be installed over a period in the mainland State capitals. The type 3600 computer was announced by the Company in May, 1962, and is of a most advanced design. Certain data preparation equipment will be provided by Amalgamated Wireless (Australasia) Ltd. and International Computers and Tabulators. (Aust,) Pty. Ltd.

The cost of the complete installation will be approximately £2,295,000.

The central computer in Canberra is expected to be delivered in the early months of 1964 and will ultimately be housed in the new Secretariat Building, construction of which has just commenced.

Canberra, A.C.T.

19th June, 1963

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