Control Data Australia Memories compiled by Brian Membrey

1963: Arden Hills

I haven't located much on the establishment - rather surprisingly given there were several mention of facilities at Bloomington and the earlier aborted attempt to establish a plant at Roseville in the William C. Norris scrapbooks, there is nothing relating to Arden Hills, apparently nothing of it mentioned in the Minneapolis newspapers.

The image from the Charles Babbage Institute is dated 1963 and the building is obviously brand new with a just a couple of very immature trees shown 0 at this stage, it is not known whether it was purpose0built for Control Data

Arden Hills is a satellite suburb of Minneapolis about 12 km. north-eastern of the central city (in fact, the suburb immediately north of Roseville).

The address of the CDC plant was given as 4201-19 Lexington Avenue, but this is a little deceptive - although the site remains with the same address and with little structural change, it faces onto today’s Boston Scientific Drive (almost certainly re-named since CDC established a presence there; Boston Scientific Corporation occupies a large site of the opposite side of the road).

This is the roadway shown in the image with Lexington Avenue running at right angles to the right off picture.  Today’s photo bottom right shows the corner of the two roads, Lexington Avenue on the right with the building on the left.

The facility was operating by 1963 and the 3300 was produced there, later various Cyber models

Arden Hills was transferred to Control Data Systems (CDS) when CDC was split in 1992 and survived until 1999, when it was bought out by Syntegra, a subsidiary of British Telecommunications (BT) - Syntegra continued to use the facility as their U.S. Headquarters and the building is still shown under the name of BT Consulting and Integration.   

The Star-100 was also built in Arden Hills, but images suggest it at a separate site per the insert image of 1971; no address appears in CDC archives and it is referred to as the STAR-100 Development Division.

The U.S. Census of 2010 has 9,552 people residing in Arden Hills - our Google Maps search suggests that the plant was in the northern section of the city in an area still lightly populated. The University of Northwestern – St. Paul  consists of two campuses - the northern portion of the campus is located in Arden Hills, while the southern part is in Roseville