Control Data Australia Memories compiled by Brian Membrey

Where We Worked ...

Most of the ex-Control Data employees based on Melbourne will have worked at one of more of these locations depending upon the number of birthday candles on their cake.

The three major locations were, or course, all in St. Kilda Road - 474 (Eton Square at the time, but originally a mansion known as "Glenhope" with what seems to be a close connection to Melbourne's early music history); 598, originally "Charlton", and 493 or ("Stanleigh").

Initially, we've covered these three plus the small area used by the Vic TAB CRISP team in Illoura House, originally known as Fitzroy House and then Astor House (although it narrowly missed being the Greek Orthodox Church) and the T.A.B. itself (Picton Court).

The April, 2014 update also includes Bank House in Bank Place; technically not a Control Data workplace, but the offices of E. L. Heymanson and Co., the original agents for Control Data Corporation and home of the first CDC installation in Australia.

What is covered in our first release may lead to someone coming up with a more detailed description of one or more of the other facilities - Cheltenham, Moorabbin, Knox (research now completed by Dick Bament), Thornbury, Collingwood, and possibly other Melbourne sites.

Of course, there were several interstate offices in the major capitals along with engineering sites such as Woollongong and Port Kembla - whether we can ever record these is up to you, dear readers!   

As for the menu options, they all link to sites which will be familiar to most, but perhaps not under their names of 70 odd years ago!

UPDATED : December, 2017

It’s taken a while to get around to it, but the latest addition in Menzies Hotel - the site of the south-eastern corner of Bourke and William streets perhaps better as BHP House and the home of the Melbourne Data Centre, its CYBER 74, and a small group of support analysts and operators.  BHP House was regarded in the early 1970s as a somewhat revolutionary approach to multi-storey office construction, but I’m guessing most will be gobsmacked when viewing the classic that it replaced,  It wouldn’t happen today!

UPDATED : April, 2017

Business Products : Birth.  A U.S. based article on CDC’s thoughts on establishing a manufacturing base for what became known as “business products” - ironically, it came just three weeks prior to the cancellation of the VicTAB CRISP and QTAB GWS systems almost certainly would have been the death knell for CDA’s manufacturing efforts.

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