Control Data Australia Memories compiled by Brian Membrey

Southside Six Hotel

 630 South Road, Moorabbin


South-western corner of South and Brignell Roads, Moorabbin

History :

Added July, 2015, along with the limited history of what is known of the background of the various manufacturing plants in Cheltenham and later in Moorabbin.

Earlier correspondence with a couple of people suggested that it was a favourite with those in the Manufacturing section, especially in Nellbern Road.  In retrospect, they probably didn't have a lot of choice other than travelling some distance west to the Nepean Highway.

Although I did do some contract work with Control Data Business Products at the manufacturing plant in nearby Sullivan Street, I don't think I ever set foot in the place.

It was - and probably still is in a slightly more refined sense - one of the "beer barns" that sprang up in what were then "outer" suburbs of the late 1960s after six o'clock closing laws were repealed.

In reality, the Southside Six's classification under "Drinks" could probably be equally under ""Eats" given the scarcity of dining facilities of any size around the area.


The earliest reference I could find on-line is advertising for a concert on 13 January, 1973 featuring the band Mississippi, with a pretty impressive list of other well-known acts over the next few years including Skyhooks, The Little River Band (pretty regularly), AC/DC, Cold Chisel and the Jim Keays Band. .   

Today :

Not sure of when the name changed - probably at the time of a major facelift - but the old beer barn now trades as the Sandbelt Hotel, with a bistro seating 270, regular live entertainment and an over-28s night - or as one blog succinctly put it, "plenty of mature crumpet".

Other than that and the fact I find crumpets tend to go mouldy after a week or so, I'll those regular funsters at monthly lunches sign off in lieu of any Feedback on our drinking spots ....