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Eats ... Restaurants

These are the cafes and restaurants that come to mind as fairly regular eating spots.  Again, it is unlikely we could have afforded them of a regular basis fur lunch, but an occasional visit after a pot or six at the Light Car Club, who knows …?

Athol's Abbey could probably be equally classified "Hotels" as it was part and parcel of the Case de Manana, but it did operate independently  of the  main hotel.

Some of the spots where obviously "one-offs" - Le Chateau for instance would be way out the price range for most, but Ron Bird does remember Engineering have a couple of special celebrations there after a marketing "win".  Possibly Bernardi's at the Junction could be included under the same criteria.

2015 Update

With the exception of additional items under the TAB history and the Bourke County Beefhouse under  "Play", virtually all the 2015 Update has been the addition of restaurants, most of which were post drinky-poos.

Ron Bird added the Fairy Stork, Ging Wah and Iliad, I included Barbarino's and finally finished the two Rathdowne street restaurants used for Third-Friday lunches.  Also a great shot of Fitzroy and Leo's circa 1960.

Both of the latter provided surprises - firstly that an earlier version of La Porchetta existed long before Rocky and the franchise, and secondly, although for some reason I have had wedged in my excuse for a brain La Famiglia (The Family) as the name of the original site. It was in fact La Trattoria.

Perhaps one that may be missing is Pinocchio's, which I remember as being on the south side of Toorak Road about 30 metres eas of Chapel Street, but later in later premises further west near the railway line.  I vaguely remember that the original shared an entrance to one of Melbourne’s more classier restaurants on the right-hand side - couldn’t afford it, hence forgotten/

Methinks there was also a Poppa’s Pizza Restaurant somewhere in the mix, but it is at the moment firmly filed under “Forgettory”.  

I guess one that should be added, perhaps more so under Memories which documents the sites used for our re-unions is Sophia’s in Camberwell … stay tunes!