Control Data Australia Memories compiled by Brian Membrey

President Motor Inn

63 Queen's Road. Melbourne


Eastern side, midway between Beatrice and Roy Streets


I know we used it fairly regularly, but I confess to having no specific recollections of the restaurant or whether it had a name.


The President was designed by famous Melbourne architect, Robin Boyd, but other than that, most of the history is largely a blank.

Number 63 was shown during the late 1940s and up until 1956 as belonging to Alexander H. Fraser, undoubtedly as a large residence, but from that point on, there is no listing of an occupancy until 1969, when the President magically appeared (although there is some evidence that it may have in fact opened in early 1968).

There is nothing to suggest whether the original building was simply left vacant or had been demolished.

During the 1960s, it was flanked by The Musician's Club at 61, and The Town House at 63-65, the latter a large multi-story building of the apartment style, but in fact use as offices, directories listing as many as 40 tenants.

The President was designed by famous Melbourne architect, Robin Boyd and was the newest of the motels Control Data used, opening early in 1968 - it survived longer than those closed, last noted in telephone directories in 1990


Both buildings have gone, the stretch from just south of Beatrice Street through to Roy Street now dominated by three interconnecting buildings offering strata title apartments and five-star hotel accommodation, two labelled as The Sebel and the other, the Mercurè Hotel.

I haven't been able to trace any use of the site immediately after the closure of the President in 1990 - the building of today looks to be only of couple of years old at best and it may be that the motel was converted into residential apartments over the intervening twenty-odd years.

Not sure about the eating facilities, but you can bet your bottom dollar we couldn't afford it for regular lunches now!

(above) The President Motor Inn, 1970 (below) The Town House, 1959