Control Data Australia Memories compiled by Brian Membrey

Daily Life - Be Merry ...

In this section, I've included a few spots where some of us twenty-somethings of the early 1970s spent some leisure time - not at anything that could remotely be interpreted as an "official" Control Data function (maybe with the exception of Peanuts), but simply as an informal get-together of a few of us that live around the South Melbourne, South Yarra, Prahran, Armadale and St. Kilda area.

Many of the memories probably trace back to no more formal organisation that perhaps something like a quick "... Argo? Two o'clock?" as we broke up from the College Lawn or Computer Club, but more often they happened, and usually with one or two people who hadn't been part of the original group turning up.

A few of the locations mentioned in other sections were also popular - in particular in remember an afternoon or three at Athol’s Abbey where Frank Traynor and the Jazz Preachers did a Saturday arvo gig.

Obviously these are  more personal reminiscences than the previous sections, but again, if there were other groups of CDA people who met up on a informal out-of-hours basis, we'd love your feedback so we can add record your memories for (more or less) posterity.

Our Meditate page also has a number of (generally) out-of-town venues which were use by Control Data for one-off special nights - I can't recall much of any of them - which may be the result of the night itself rather than forgettory!