Control Data Australia Memories compiled by Brian Membrey

Peanuts (Restaurant)

389 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne


389 Lonsdale Street, south-western corner of Lonsdale Street and Niagara Lane, roughly midway between Swanston and Queen Street, OR it could be 459 Swanston Street, on the south-western corner of Franklin Street.


Peanuts came up during our chat on old Control Data watering holes at the July, 2013 lunch with a couple of people recalling the rule was that you ate peanuts from the bar and threw the shells on the floor, but no one could recall where it was!

Perhaps the reason wasn't advancing forgettory after all, but simply the fact that there were two Peanuts (let's face it, you can never have just one Peanut, especially if Salted).

The one that I remember was upstairs in the Hotel Francis at 389 Lonsdale Street on the south-western corner of Niagara Lane.

It was here that I organised a night for around eight people (and partners) who worked for me in Sold Analyst Services under the "employee welfare" system where I think $50 per year per employee was allocated for such occasions.

BUT Mike Spark cannot place an upstairs in connection with Peanuts Restaurant. This could be because, like all of us at lunch, he is a fully-qualified Old Fart, but perhaps more so because there was an alternative Peanuts Gallery at 459-61 Swanston Street on the corner of Franklin street.