Control Data Australia Memories compiled by Brian Membrey


Eats ... All Sorts

Murphy's Law (section 4, sub-section IX, paragraph 2) says that any time any one attempts to categorise a group of diverse entities, there will always be some that don't fit and will thus officially be called "Others".

Begorrah, Murphy was right!

These are our current Others, but depending on Others, there may be other Others to  come!

2015 Update

During a quick update of Jimmy Watson's (check it out), I decided to add a complete list of the Jimmy Watson Trophy winners since it was first awarded in 1962.  There are two or three well-known makers and brands, but a surprising number than very few people would ever have heard of, perhaps reinforcing the view that some have that the Trophy is somewhat flawed via its restriction to one-year old wines.

Post the release of the transcripts of the interviews that Charles Babbage Institute Director with a number of people in November, 2013, I've now included the Accounts Department barbeques and the Social Club wine and cheese nights as these were mentioned a few times by those interviewed as assisting in the bonding (not bondage as Garry Pearce inadvertently mentioned) across the various divisions of Control Data Australia.

In fact, a perusal of the Misa interviews sugests that during some of the latter sessions, Tom was actually leading the interviewee into talking of the two events - whether they made it into his final assessment of CDA’s contribution to the CDC story is unknown