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THE Red Pepper

363 Chapel Street, Prahran


Chapel Street, west side, around 40 metres north  of Commercial Road


This was the "in" Friday pizza spot well after I left - I went there once while on a brief contract at 493 mid-1980s and of course remember the "Sparky Special".  I remember when documenting the twentieth anniversary of our third-Friday regulars that Mike mentioned that the Red Pepper lunches were an ad hoc event - just "Let's go pizza" rather than a regular schedule.


Somewhat confusing , but sorted after more research than most of the restaurant entries..

When I loaded this section of the site mid-August, 2013, I believed the restaurant was called the Red Pepper, but after a couple of fruitless searches of telephone books of the 1980s, realised it must have operated under a similar, but subtlety different name.

At the expense of some shoe leather and after being assured by Bryan Gardiner that it was still operating, I discovered it's actually now called The Old Pepper (I guess if a Pepper is 20 plus years old ... it's probably a better name than The Mouldy Pepper or The Shrivelled-up Pepper).

(The Architect and Designer of this culinary masterpiece confesses that the only difference between this and the Standard Special  offering was that it forbade the addition of green capsicum and anchovies - hey, if it's green or fishy, it can't be good for you)!

Two other pizza restaurants rated a mention at the October, 2013 lunch and we wonder whether it was illegal to run such an establishment without a having a P (phonetically pronounced "pee").  

We had PePe's, the Red/Old PePPer and the other two that came up in conversation were PoPPa's Pizza Parlour and Pinocchio's, both in Toorak Road (there must have been a PePPeroni's somewhere!)

I certainly recall the latter two names, but I can't bring an image to mind. I remember an Italian/pizza restaurant south side about 30 metres east of Chapel Street and visiting two or three times with C.D.A. people and thought it may have been Poppa's, but Sparky reckons Poppa's was west of the railway line (and it's still there after a quick web search).


Great minds (and ours) think alike. Sparky and I are both right - the original Poppa's WAS the restaurant to the the west of Chapel Street at 172-4, next door was one of Melbourne's leading restaurant of the time, the Pickwick (it had to be a P).

Not sure when Poppa's went westwards, but they were still at 172 in 1974.