Control Data Australia Memories compiled by Brian Membrey

The Musician's Club

61 Queen's Road, 65 Wellington Street, St. Kilda (1972)


The Musician's Club was at 61 Queen's Road (one door south of Beatrice Street) from 1956 to until around 1972. It then shifted to 65 Wellington Street, St. Kilda (north side, about 30 metres west of Upton Road)


Someone brought up the Muso's Club at the July, 2013 lunch when we started discussing some of the old haunts.  I have a vague recollection that the Queen's Road premises were in a two-storey house and actually accessed from Queen's Lane, but that may have just been a shortcut taken by someone that knew the ropes.

My memory of the later site is that the Wellington Street premises were in a three-story office block where they seem to have occupied the entire top floor with several billiard/snooker tables which corresponds with what seems to have been a tradition of the club.

(Bill Beath may be able to throw some light on the Wellington Street address as I think he and Sandra lived almost opposite, although the street numbers are somewhat out of whack).