Control Data Australia Memories compiled by Brian Membrey

A Consumer's Guide

Astor House (424 St. Kilda Road)

Bank House (11-19 Bank Place)  

Charlton (598 St. Kilda Road)

Glenhope (474 St Kilda Road)

Picton Court (2 Queen's Road)

Rameta (67 Queen's Road)

Stanleigh (493 St. Kilda Road)

Warwick Hall (11 Queen's Road)  

Whyalla (71 Queen's Road)  

Manufacturing (various)

Business Products (2 Sullivan Street, Moorabbin)

Regional Warehouse (Thornbury) and Repair Centre (Collingwood)

Menzies Hotel (140 William Street, Melbourne)

Albert Park Hotel (Albert Park)

Armadale (Armadale)

Bleak House (Albert Park)

Bush Inn (Prahran)

Court Jester (Prahran)

Flower  (Port Melbourne)

Fountain Inn (Port Melbourne)

Mario's Brighton Beach Hotel  

Middle Park (Middle Park)

Mount Erica (Prahran)

O'Connell Centenary (South Melbourne)

Post Office Club (St. Kilda)  

Queen's Arms  

Rising Sun Hotel

Royal Hotel (East Prahran)  

Station (Prahran)

Windsor Castle (Windsor)


The Third Friday

Barbarino's (454/474 St. Kilda Road)

Fairy Stork (89 Acland Street, St. Kilda)

Ging Wah (198 Chapel Street, Prahran)

The Iliad (23 Fitzroy Street, St. Kilda)

Hot Pot Shop (South Melbourne)

La Trattoria Ristorante (406 Rathdowne)

Porchetteria (392 Rathdowne Street)

Le Chateau (Queen's Road)

Leo's (St. Kilda)

McClure's (St. Kilda Road)

Red Pepper Pizza (South Yarra)

Pepe's Pizza Kitchen (South Yarra)

Taco Bill's (South Melbourne)


Beverley Crest (St. Kilda)

Commodore (Queen's Road)

John Batman (Queen's Road)

Palm Lake (Queen's Road)

President (Queen's Road)

Queen's Lodge (Queen's Road)

Travelodge (St. Kilda Road)


Athol's Abbey (St. Kilda Road)

Dirty Dick's (Queen's Road)

Jimmy Watson's (Carlton)

The Computer Club (Queen's Road)

The Musician's Club (St. Kilda)

The Licenses Reduction Board

The Six O'clock Swill

Beaconsfield Hotel (St. Kilda)

Casa de Manana (St. Kilda Road)

Chevron (St. Kilda Road)

College Lawn  (Prahran)

Esplanade (St. Kilda)

Fawkner Club (South Yarra)

Light Car Club (Queen's Road)

Palmerston (South Melbourne)

Other sites we have queries on

Geebung Polo Club (East Hawthorn)

Geebung Polo Club (1893)

White Horse Inn (Hawthorn)

Carringbush Hotel (Abbotsford)

Ardroy's  (Fitzroy)

Argo Inn (South Yarra)

Bay 13 (Melbourne Cricket Ground)

Botanical South Yarra)

Bourke County Beefhouse (South Melbourne)

Peanuts (Lonsdale/Swanston Street)

Whatchamecallit Theatre (aka Aramo ???)

Control Data's recommended motels