Control Data Australia Memories compiled by Brian Membrey


McClure's Restaurant

454 St. Kilda Road, Melbourne


South-western corner of St. Kilda Road and Arthur Street


Usually promoted as McClure's Come As You Are! Restaurant - I don't recall ever being there with Control Data, but given its size and relative proximity, it seemed likely that it was used at times.

Ron Bird confirmed that it was often used for breakfast and lunch during the early days when the office was based just to the south at 474, but I'm still guessing it would still; have been used from 1966 after the shift to 598.

The restaurant was somewhat revolutionary for its time, open eighteen hours a day with the advertising slogan "Come As You Are" (don't accept lunch invitations while relaxing in the bath), with telephones to order direct from the kitchen, and as Ron remembers, a pop-up toaster on every table at breakfast time to ensure the toast was always hot.


Originally known as "Hinemoa", this was another fine mansion that has been lost over the years.

A fair guide to the building's grandeur comes in April, 1925 when it was placed up for auction :

Forget all those hotels, motels and restaurants, here's a real Aussie lunch. The famous Australian trademark continues, although the brand since around 2000 has been owned by Patties Pies.

”Oh, what a luvely pie, me boys, oh! a 4’nTwenty pie!  Oihh!

One of the iconic TV ads circa 1978 which featured all 12 VFL captains beating out the jingle while “Captain Blood” Jack Dyer (above) piloted a ricketty old bus down a dusty country road.

The commercial was so popular that an enterprising record studio (probably connected with HSV-7) commissioned an LP with all 12 belting out a tune.

A musical disaster, but in memorabilia terms, probably worth a small fortune to collectors of today.