Control Data Australia Memories compiled by Brian Membrey


Manufacturing - At Work

Anyone have memories of these …

As part of the early 2017 effort to revive some memories of Control Data Australia’s manufacturing operations, Ron Bird has supplied a collection of photographs, several of which appeared at various times in Between Ourselves (hence the quality is a little below par - another happy-snapper in Rodger Taylor also took a series of photographs during nearly six years he spent primarily on RIOT manufacture - he’s promising to dig some out of his archives and hopefully they will prove of better quality.

RIOT Manufacture (1971)

FROM top left clockwise :

(1) General Assembly Line

(2) Adjusting a RIOT printer  

(3) RIOT Back Plane Wiring  

(4) RIOT Chassis Wiring

(5) QA Testing

(6) Ready for delivery

(7) … end result!

1973 Dual-RIOT  Around 130 were subsequently over and above the 1,000 RIOTs of the RIMFIRE contract. The “dual” concept became a requirement when bidding on the NZ TAB order.

1975 QTAB Telebetting CRT and System 17 Controller (the Controller could handle up to 14 CRTs (I think this and the CRISP equivalent were the first visual displays and possibly last to be manufactured locally)

General Manager of Australian Manufacturing, Bill Wright on-line to the Melbourne Data Centre via a CDC acoustic terminal – can't remember the model number, but the device was a rebadged Texas Instruments Silent-700. The terminals also were used by CYBERNET sales force to demonstrate KRONOS time-sharing facilities.

Control Data’s Marcel Dayan sells a RIOT ticket (believed a demo for NZ TAB). Try as I might, I have never been able to find a quality image of the keyboard layout!