Control Data Australia Memories compiled by Brian Membrey

Daily Life - Drink ...

"Drinks" could equally apply to all of the sections as there was a fair chance of alcohol popping up, but these are major places I remember as being after-hours watering holes.

Certainly during my time in the early 1970s the profusion of computer companies in St. Kilda and Queen's Roads meant some territorial wars as to where different groups rank.

Again, there may well be others.

I seem to remember around the time I left in mid-1976, there was a brief move from the College Lawn to the Beaconsfield Hotel (from forgettory, perhaps initiated by John Hill whose brother or brother-in-law may have been the licensee), but I can't recall whether that lasted as The Computer/Light Car Club was pretty much in full swing by then.  It was also some inconvenient as it was difficult to access by foot or public transport; the preferred options for many that lived close to 598 - Prahran, Windsor, South Yarra and Armadale.

Whether others were established after my time is up to you to advise.

Given drink riving laws were becoming much stricter, the Friday evening five to eight o'çlock sessions may well have been heavily curtailed by the 1980s.

2015 Update

We seem to have covered most of the hotels used for eating, drinking or eating and drinking in the initial release plus the additions above.  

Ron Bird made an interesting observation that while CDA were at 474 St. Kilda Road, it was always handy to have an interstate or overseas visitor stay at the Chevron, the rationale being that he or she could invite the Control Data crew up to the Guest's Lounge (closing at 10 p.m) after the public bars closed at 6 o'clock.

This revived a half-completed exercise in documenting as a matter or interest both the closure of many hotels around the area under the Licenses Reduction Act and also the "new" liquor laws of 1 February, 1961 removed temporary restrictions which had been in place for 45 years and as result, the Six O'clock Swill.