Control Data Australia Memories compiled by Brian Membrey


Commodore Motel

4-6 Queen's Road, Melbourne


Eastern side, one door south of King's Way.


The jury is still out on the Commodore - it was a little too far for the 598 crew, but I'm pretty certain it would have been used both by the Control Data people stationed at the T.A.B. and the CRISP team in Illoura House.

I have a recollection of one lunch with the latter, the restaurant like most of the motels in Queen's Road accessed from the rear car park via Queen's Lane.

The Commodore was unusual in that it was one of only two that occupied a triple frontage onto Queen's Road, but unlike its compatriot, the Palm Lake, it was only two storeys; this  may have reflected a building restriction of the time as little of the high-rise development along Queen's Road had then taken place.

The Commodore, circa 1964.