Control Data Australia Memories compiled by Brian Membrey

College Lawn Hotel

 36 Greville Street, College Lawn (aka Prahran)



South-western corner of Greville and Perth Streets, Prahran


Mine are from around 1973 onwards when the catch-cry in the lounge bar was "Four more gin and tonics, please, Mrs South", but Ron Bird's go further back to 1960 when the College Lawn was the favourite watering hole for I.C.T. (later I.C.L.) people after the English company relocated to St Kilda Road from Lonsdale Street.

The Lawn was also popular with staff from Peter Isaacson Pty Ltd, the publishers of Computer Weekly, and at times all one needed to do to start an industry rumour as a stage whisper of a few well-chosen words close to the Isaacson circle.


The first thought that comes to mind when thinking about the background of the College Lawn is that the name was derived because of its relative proximity to Wesley College.


July, 2018 saw some interesting FeedBack from one of obviously advanced years who recalled that during the 1950’s and 60’s, both the College Lawn and the Argo (as well as a few others around the Prahran-Windsor area) had Sunday afternoon football teams who played an informal competition in Fawkner Park.  

From what I remember of the clientele at the Lawn (present company excepted), I’m not sure too many would have put in four quarters of hard-slog footy  with a swig or four from the “long-necks” undoubtedly hidden away somewhere

These of course were the days where drinking, organised sports and pretty much everything else was strictly verboten, but matches for charity were allowed - I know “Bookmakers versus Jockeys” was one that The Sporting Globe promoted with the proceeds going to the #DB Good Friday Appeal; another highlight in the Preston area was organised by ex-captain (and later Channel 10 Sunday afternoon V.F.A. commentator) Ted Henrys was a Brunswick/Preston past players for the Royal Women’s Hospital.