Bay 13

Melbourne Cricket Ground


Roughly between Bay 12 and Bay 14 (clever Dick!)


David O'Connor was the main ringleader of a group of around eight or ten C.D.A. people who were regularly part of the infamous Bay 13 at Melbourne home games during the winter months in the early 1970s.

I only attended a couple of matches where the pathetic Dees took on the mighty Fitzroy, although there may have been a Collingwood game as well - I vaguely remember meeting up at a pub somewhere and having a ten or fifteen minute walk to the ground.


That's about it - for a full history of Bay 13, consult numerous Court records for cases of drunkeness, assault, etc!


The Melbourne Cricket Ground following the conclusion of the Closing Ceremony at the 1956 Olympics.
The image was taken from the Member's Stand, and from what I recall, Bay 13 was around the centre of what is shown of the portion of the stand to the left.
I may be wrong - I was once, I think it was on a Tuesday afternoon, but I could be wrong - but I don't think the old Bay 13 and the current one are the same location (although it's difficult to tell with the massive change in the grandstands of yesteryear and today).
A couple of sites I checked put Bay 13 today immediately opposite the Member's Stand, but I seem to recall in our day, it was fairly close to the latter. I think the Southern Stand extended to about Bay 16, there was the old scoreboard and then the Member's - on an arc, it would have been perhaps 30 to 40 degrees rather than the 180 degrees implied by "directly opposite".
Oddly enough, I couldn't find a definitive picture of Bay 13, but I do know where the original enamel sign is!
It was souvenired by the brother of an acquaintance at the Preston Football Club Social Club.  
He (the acquaintance) was a security guard at the G when the stand was bulldozed and his brother worked as part of the demolition team.
The latter saw the sign screwed into a lump of concrete about to be loaded onto a truck and decided that at that stage, obviously nobody wanted it and with a few quick twists of a screwdriver, "Bay 13" was liberated.  The security guard was conveniently distracted at the time.
It now lives happily in a garage in West Preston and is believed to be writing a book of memoirs which may or may not include the Control Data Australia crew.