Control Data Australia Memories compiled by Brian Membrey

Ex-CDA comments, suggestions, criticisms

CDC : Historical Timeline : 1963-69



The 1700, 3800 and 6400 are delivered. CDC gains a $22.7 million contract from United States Post Office for the Postal Source Data System. Internal turmoil as executives resign : Frank Mullaney (V-P), Robert Kisch (V.P), Allan Rudell (Treasurer); Edward Zimmer (V.P), Edward Zimmer (V.P) and Ray Whitney (V.P), also Seymour Cray from Board position.  A Acquisitions : Waltek (Hong Kong), Samarughi & C.S, (Italy, data preparation bureau). $120 million credit agreement struck with consortium of ten banks. CDC posts $1.8 million loss for '66 fiscal year attributed to sharp increase in leases and I.B.M’s marketing of the “phantom” 360/90 series.


The 3600 computer, 603 tape drive, and the 405 card reader are delivered. CDC acquires the Computer Division of Bendix Corp. (customer engineers number doubled to 300); Beck’s Inc.; Digigraphic Systems of Itek; and Control Systems Division of Daystrom. Manufacturing plant established in Netherlands; Control Data Limited (U.K) and Control Data Australia incorporated.  Successful launch of Control Data stock on Wall Street, Wednesday, 6 March (oddly, the stock was allocated the code CDA)



CDC receives $14 million order from Atomic Energy Commission. First 3100, 6600 delivered . CDC acquires Data Display Inc. (suppliers of the screen for the 1604), Computech, Glenn W. Preston Associates and computer division of and General Precision Equipment. Control Data (Mexico) established. Production of 160-A and 1604A ceased. Control Data Institutes established (first Institute in Minneapolis right) Net sales from annual report is $16,473,162.  6600 to C.E.R.N (Switzerland, first non-U.S. sale). Product announcements : 1700 (October), 3300 (November), 3500 (November)


The 6500 computer delivered (March). The first non-U.S. Control Data Institute established in Frankfurt, Germany. CDC acquires Autocon Industries, Automatic Control Co. (St. Paul), C.E.I.R. Inc., A Washington service bureau offering IBM batch processing and GE time-sharing and the start of CDC’s push into data services. *   CDC returns to profit from second '67 quarter. First commercially available multiprogramming/multitasking operating system, Master Operating System, announced.

* Bob Price in "Building the Control Data Legacy” suggested C.E.I.R. was the significant acquisition in CDC's history ...

"CEIR was a professional services organization and it was deeply involved in the most advanced work the U.S. government did during World War II and afterwards ... the acquisition of CEIR was an act of acquiring technology; but it was the know-how involved in building a professional services organization ... there was education, there was data services; there was the beginning of all these things, at this point, and Control Data was slowly assembling them.  CEIR was a seed that gave rise to a true professional services organization".


Plans announced for plant and CDI as part of $53 million Northside (Minneapolis) slum clearance after race-motivated riots over the summer of ‘67.. Acquisitions :  Electronic Associates Inc. (general-purpose electronic analog, analog/hybrid and digital computing systems); SCM Corp., Pacific Technical Analysis (Honolulu), American Business Systems (Philadelphia, continuous forms and punched cards). Control Data sues IBM for Damages in Anti-Trust Case. Cybernet communications network  established of seven CDC 6600s in Palo Alto, Los Angeles, Houston, Minneapolis, Washington, New York, and Boston, connected by the company's communication lines, and supported by other midline CDC 3300s; ; MARC-II 200 Remote User Terminal and SCOPE operating system delivered.  Outside of technology businesses, CDC also acquire Commercial Credit Company of Baltimore in a $55 million deal (estimates prior to the takeover suggested that nearly $1 billion was needed to finance leases over a ten-year period – CCC had assets of $3.4 billion, but at the time of CDC's move was the target of a "hostile" takeover); 7600 announced with planned 40-megaflops performance (December). Control Data (Thailand) Limited (CDT) established.


CDC acquires Rabinow Engineering (OCR); Bridge, Inc;, Computer Laboratories, Inc.; Adcomp Corporation; Acquisition : Data Display Inc., Computer Labs Inc (Texas), Technical Research Group; Datatrol, TRG Inc. (laser technology and later described by Bob Price as “an acquisition that just absolutely did not fulfil its promise”).  CDC Board votes for 3 for 1 share split; plans for 6800 announced; $35 million debenture issue oversubscribed  Control Data subsidiaries opened in France, Hong Kong, Norway and South Africa; Product announcements : 3400 (January), 3100 (October), 6400 (December). CDC wins long-running case brought by Sperry Rand in 1958; no details known. CDC buys out joint venture partner Holley Computer Products and partnered with NCR and ICL to form Computer Peripherals Inc. in Rochester, Michigan


The 3500 and 7600 computers are delivered (first 7600s to Lawrence Radiation Laboratories and Westinghouse Electric, both in nuclear research). CDC acquires Computing Devices of Canada, Precision Data Card, Marshall Communications, Printed Circuits, Inc.  CDC acquires partial interest in Ticketron (events booking system with Ticket Reservations Systems, Inc). Construction commences on Control Data World Headquarters, aka "Twin Towers". Japanese Government refuses an import licence for 6600 model, claiming that this would discourage the efforts of the local industry to develop very large machines. CDC consolidated net earnings of $51.7 million for 1969. Joint venture with Micro Bit Inc. (memory R&D). Cybernet Services announced. A proud moment for Bill Norris as CDC opens a plant in his home-town of Omaha, Nebraska.

Promotional material for the Ticketron service utilised a number of Hollywood identities - Carol Channing (above), Zero Mostel and Joseph Cotton all noted in CBI archives