Control Data Australia Memories compiled by Brian Membrey

Frederick G MILES, Director of Engineering Services responsible for research and development contracts with the federal government and its prime contractors (formerly Director of Special Sales, Remington Rand Univac). (Another source has his given names as James G.)

William R KEYE. Associate Director of Engineering (formerly Director of Product Design, Remington Rand Univac). Joined 9 September, 1957. (CBI Oral Interview exists, but not on-line. Guess you need to contact them if interested)


Robert PERKINS,  (formerly Director of Mechanical Division, Remington Rand Univac), joined 9 September, 1957 (Three CBI Oral Interviews exist (1980, 1983, 1985), but none on-line).

Robert KISCH. (Formerly Manager of Advanced Design, Remington Rand Univac), joined 1 October, 1957. Resigned February, 1965, a month after Frank Mullaney, quoting “personal reasons” - his later activities remain unknown

Seymour CRAY (formerly associated with Military Systems, Remington Rand Univac), joined 1 October, 1957. For such a prominent personality, he is a rather surprising omission from the CBI Oral Interview series.

Cray resigned as a Director along with three other key executives in mid-1966, claiming he wasn't in accord with the present management, but suggesting he expected to continue as a vice-president,  "The company at the start was largely technically dominated, but that is no longer the case and my interest had diminished ... I am primarily a technical man". He remained on 7600 and Star-100 design projects until 1974 when he resigned to form his own company, Cray Research Inc.

Cray was renowned for not wanting anything to do with any corporate politic. A famous, possibly even true, story revolves around him being asked to produce a five-year plan for CDC. His report was simple: “Five-year goal: Build the biggest computer in the world. One-year goal: Achieve one-fifth of the above.”

Howard SHEKELS (formerly staff Consultant to the director of Product Design at Remington Rand Univac), joined 9 September, 1957

(No image)  Henry S. Forrest, Director of Government service engineering and manager, Eastern office, Washington (formerly Washington manager, Research and Special System sales, Remington Rand Univac), announced 23 September, 1957. (An CBI Oral Interview exists, but not on-line).

One source suggest other early and external Directors included Allen J Walsh (Public Relations), Walter G. Andrews, vice-president Archer-Daniels-Midland Co., James J Miles (Director of Engineering Services) and Robert F. Leach (partner in Oppenheimer, Hodgson, Brown, Baer & Wulff, St. Paul law firm.

Another key hiring noted in October was that of E. D. “Dave” Zimmer, a Project Engineer with the Military Division at Univac and often mentioned in Bob Price’s book and oral interviews as his first manager after Price joined CDC).

See also : TimeLine : CDC Formation for more details and images

Willis K DRAKE, Director of Marketing (formerly assistant to the general sales manager,Remington Rand Univac), appointment announced 26 August, 1957

CBI Oral Interview (1983)

Frank C. MULLANEY, Director of Engineering (formerly Director of Military Systems, Remington Rand Univac, announced 26 August, 1966 (his resignation from Univac was announced with Norris’ 26 July. Resigned as Vice-President in January, 1965, although remaining on the Board. He later made a complete break with CDC by submitting his resignation as a Director, in June, 66 quoted as saying "I just didn't feel that I was part of the management team any more".

Excerpts of the Frank Mullaney Oral Interview

CBI Oral Interview (full text)

Not sure whether CDC had employee numbers from day one, but according to newspaper clippings in Bill Norris’s scrapbooks in the Charles Babbage Institute archives , these are (other than Norris himself), these are the first ten executives appointed by Control Data Corporation, the appointments announced August or September, 1957.  Astonishingly, all ten were formerly from Remington Rand Univac where Norris had been Vice-President until his resignation of 26 July.  Norris’ appointment was formally announced on 14 August, although it was hardly a secret with rumours emanation almost immediately after his resignation. The other Director (although not an employee of CDC) was Fremont Fletcher, a Minneapolis attorney who took up 5,000 of the original share offering.

The images obviously taken from newspapers - I haven’t and don’t intend to trawl the 2,200-plus CDC images on the Charles Babbage Institute website, but I’m guessing many of these gentlemen (Drake, Mullaney, Perkins and Cray are four that come to mind) will be included - I have, however, had a quick scan of the Oral Interviews with links as shown - most of these discuss the formation of CDC in some detail. There are three interviews with Bill Norris, two (1970 and 1980) are not on-line, 1986 is available.

CDC, 1957 : Single Digits?

Arthur J Ryden, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer (aka “The Money Man”, formerly a management consultant closely associated with Remington Rand Univac) Shown in the prospectus as taking up 15,000 shares - there is a suggestion in an oral interview conducted with Frank Mullaney below that he undertook to raise $200,000 of the original $600,000 capital. Sadly for some, the name rhymes with “Miden”  CBI Oral Interview (1995)