Control Data Australia Memories compiled by Brian Membrey

CDA : Historical Timeline : 1980-84


Construction of Australian Computer Centre commences at 573 Burwood Highway, Knoxfield, Victoria

PLATO network established following completion of ACC

Adelaide linked in the Cybernet network

New office in Newcastle opened at 11 Argyle Street, Harbour Park

CDA Head Office moved to 493 St. Kilda Road (30 October), telephone (03) 268 9500

Third Party Maintenance Services introduced by Engineering Services

Maintenance of computer equipment (Bureau of Statistics), $2,625,137 (period unspecified)

Commonwealth Government Gazette : 1980 contracts, $10k plus   Full details

January : Maintenance of computer equipment (Bureau of Statistics), $2,625,137,  August : Digital logic trainer and computer facilities - 1.7.80 to 30.6.82, $10,000 (estimate), Hammer modules (Defence), $14,065  September : Lease and maintenance of computer terminal (Navy), $17,100 (Sydney), November : Disk pack, $3,168, Rental of the computer-based education system “Plato” to the Australian Taxation Office - 1.1.81 to 31.12.82, $31,456, December : Spares for CDC 501 line printer (Defence), $12,176, Spares for mini-computers (RAAF), $88,661; magnetic tape (all departments), $540,000 (estimate to 30.6.82, shared with Memorex P/L, Neutral Bay, Sydney)


Official opening of Australian Computer Centre at Knox  

Australian Tax Office places A$7.5m order

Cybernet Services extended to Adelaide , Perth and New Zealand

Word Processing Centre opened at 493 St. Kilda Road

Five-year $13 million Telecom Service Agreement receives ministerial approval

Retirement of two champions : CARBINE and RIMFIRE systems shutdown for the last time at VicTAB

CALL/370 agreement with ANZ Banking Group at $90,000 per annum

Business Products order $60,000+ to supply entire BHP group

Successful completion of two-year GUNGADIN (Government Users National General Automatic Data Interchange Network)  -integration and data exchange between seven CYBER 18-25 and peripherals

Four PLATO terminals for NSW Government Youth Employment Unit linked to Melbourne Data Centre, also Gordon Institute and Deakin University (both Geelong, total four units); Preston Technical College; University of Wollongong; Caulfield Institute of Technology (number of units unknown in latter three cases): also introduced at CDI from July.

CYBER 720 plus substantial mass storage to W.A. Medical Centre

Upgrade of CYBER 730 at BHP House to 740, with additional core memory, extended memory and data storage at $1.2 million

NZ TAB Business Products order $140,000

Development and maintenance of Tadmar project - period ending 30.6.1982 (Australian Telecommunications Commission), $245,000.

Upgrade of computer equipment, Australian Bureau of Statistics, $760,070

Commonwealth Government Gazette : 1981 contracts, $10k plus Full details

February : Mini-computer spares (RAAF), Computer equipment, Australian Bureau of Statistics, $760,070, March : Timesharing and remote batch processing facilities, CDC compatible equipment - period ending 30.9.85, $13,579,946 (estimate, extension of existing contract):   May : rental of mass storage controller and disk storage units, (Taxation), $39,220, refurbishing of CDC line printers (Taxation), $131,990,    August : Disk packs, (Defence), $85,229 (A.C.T),  September : Hire and maintenance of computer terminals (Navy), $17,100 (Sydney). magnetic tapes (RAAF), $11,770,  November : Computer time, $10,000, Alterations to computer room ‘D’, Information Systems Branch, Clayton (ATC) $24,846 (Knoxfield); Development and maintenance of Tadmar project - period ending 30.6.1982 (ATC), $245,000.


CDA and Computer Power joint venture launches Australia's first Videotext service

New offices in Perth

"Retirement" of first 3600 at Bureau of Statistics

First Cyber 800/835 for CSIRO. Twin Cyber 735s for Australian Tax Office

Cyber 825 sales : Sydney University, Department of Main Roads (N.S.W), WA Medical Department; Cyber 815s, Australian Road Research Board, Melbourne University

Cyber 180 announced (regarded the most advanced computer architecture and software of the 1980s)

Control Data Business Advisors established under stewardship of Trevor Robinson (returned 1979)

Commencement of OEM product direct marketing

(October-November) Return of John de Beer to U.S., replaced by Chuck Copenhaver (De Beer originally replaced Larry Holswade, known to have been Regional Manager early 1980 when conversion of the manufacturing facility following completion of the contracts for Victorian and South African betting terminals and alternate production of "consumables" was announced.  De Beer (top) and Copenhaver pictured by “Al” in The Age.

(A little off-topic)  IBM Australia observes its 50th anniversary.

Commonwealth Government Gazette : 1982 contracts, $10k plus Full details

January : Pipe Stress Consultancy Services for Department of Defence (Navy), $12,183; May : Provision of hyperchannel equipment (Taxation), $27,574 (A.C.T), June : ADP equipment (National Mapping), $16,000 (estimate); July : Spares to support 40 MB and 67 MD disk drive (RAAF), $19,988,  August : Engineering changes and repair of line replaceable units, period to 21.12.84 (Defence), $250,000 (estimate)



CSIRO Division of Computing Research orders Cyber 205 (installed Canberra the following year)

Cyber 825 and Cybermini 815 for Western Mining in Perth; Cyber 825 S.A. Government Computing Centre; Cyber 825 (PLATO) Western Australian Government)

Control Data Institute opens in Brisbane (first new Institute for seven years)

The demonstration 160A installed at the Heymanson agency in 1963 is retired after 21 years with Heymanson/CDA, A.R.L. and two stints with Census and Statistics. Console transferred to reception at 493 as a centrepiece display

Trevor Robinson appointed Chairman of Control Data Australia

John O'Neil appointed to the new position of Regional Manager, Marketing and Business Development; Alan Beattie Regional Manager for Business Products

George Crawford (Employee Number 003) and John O'Neil (012) become CDA's first 20-year employees; Jack Tucker, Company secretary, CDA and CDNZ since 1972 announces retirement (August)

CDA joint venture with Integrated Software Solutions Pty. Ltd. called Business Solutions Software Pty Ltd

Contact for supply of maintenance service for computing equipment (Bureau of Statistics), $962,000 (per annum over six years).

Commonwealth Government Gazette : 1983 contracts, $10k plus   Full details

May : Maintenance of mini-computer equipment 1.3.83 to 28.2.1985 (Army), $35,000 (estimate); November : Upgrade of building services (CSIRO), $38,000



Control Data initiates and takes 40% capital of a Management Investment Company formed to promote high technology venture capital in Australia.

South Australian Government Computing Centre purchase-conversion of leased Cyber 720 and leased Cyber 825

CDA and Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) negotiate a joint research and development (PLATO) with RMIT to replace its Cyber 720 mainframe with a $1.6 million Cyber 180 Model 835 - joint projects discussed include development of the Plato educational programming language.

Add-on peripheral order $750,000+ for CSIRO Cyber 180

Arthur Erdstein and Ken Humm (South Australia) complete 20 years of service;

Contract for analysis, design, development, implementation and maintenance of special software (ATO), $640,000 (also a second order with same description $42,000)

CSIRONET Cyber 205 commissioned in August  

Commonwealth Government Gazette : 1984 contracts, $10k plus   Full details

January : RC 1 injector kits, $9,390 (Moorabbin);   Hire of consultant (Defence), $21,867; 300 MB disk packs (Social Security), $3,750.   May :  Analysis, design, development, implementation and maintenance of special software (ATO), $640,000 (repeated January, 1984); computer bureau time for Australian Archives, $15,000; supply of maintenance service for computing equipment (Bureau of Statistics), $962,000 (per annum over six years). October : Maintenance/enhancement of and documentation for the Exchange Network Provisioning Aid (ENPA) for period ending 30.9.85 (Australian Telecommunications Commission), $325,000 (estimate, extension of existing contract);