Control Data Australia Memories compiled by Brian Membrey


CDA - The China Syndrome

(Courtesy George Pace)

A couple of updates provided by George Pace, formerly Engineering Services Manager, Control Data China via a CDA Facebook page - very little was ever recorded locally with CDA’s interaction with the emerging economic power that was China in the late 1980s.  

Some discussions over our June, 2017 Third-Friday Lunch, it was suggested that the sale to China was contingent to the systems being sold on the agreement that they would only be used to assist China’s oil exploration and that George and the other engineers from CDA were charged with monitoring that the applications they observed were only devoted to that purpose - although whether they would have bee qualified to assess trangression or what they course of action they could have take in the cases of any infringement is open to question!   Pull that plug out, Harry!


Editor : From FLASH, 17 June, 1985


CDC has sold $30 million of computers (five CYBERS) and related software to the People's Republic of China for seismic data processing, reservoir simulation, surface construction (CAD/CAM) and oil field management.