Control Data Australia Memories compiled by Brian Membrey


The Cornerstone is Quality Control

Journal of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers,  April, 1971 (supplied by Ron Bird)


Quality manufacture has been the cornerstone on which Control Data has established its plant at Cheltenham to supply 1000 RIOTS to the Victorian TAB.   Nearly 500 different parts, ranging from tiny washers to the cabinets are needed to complete the assembly of each terminal.

Every part in individually checked to ensure it complies with the right design specification. The Quality Assurance department at the Cheltenham plant vets all the parts. Where necessary, it is able to call on the vast technical resource of the parent company in Minneapolis.

One example of the thoroughness of this co-operative is the plated through hole circuit cards.  To date, only one manufacturer of these cards in Australia has been able to meet the high standards set by Control Data.

After individual parts are cleared, sub-assemblies are regularly checked at random and all final assemblies have to be approved before being installed in the overall unit.

Various tests during production are made under control of a Micro 810 computer and final testing of the complete RIOT is undertaken on a CDC 1700 computer in the TAB's RIMFIRE system, which runs a diagnostic program to check every function the unit will be required to perform in actual service.  

Control Data recognises that the individual is an integral part of quality assurance, accordingly, every assembly line operator is required to spend two weeks in the Q.A. department to obtain a detailed appreciation of the standards of workmanship required on the line.

To support its program, Control Data has been admitted as a member of the Australian organisation for Quality Control.

Testing integrated circuits at incoming inspection stage

Adjusting ticket printer mechanism prior to final assembly

After final test, the completed RIOT is loaded onto a specially constructed pallet for delivery to the TAB.