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Control Data Australia Memories compiled by Brian Membrey

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Computer bugs still bug State Lottery

New Straits Times, 19 May, 1988   (also 15 June, 1988)

TALLAHASSEE - About 400 terminals remain inoperable nearly a week after Florida's first computerized lottery games began, Lottery Secretary Rebecca Paul said Thursday.

As of Wednesday night, only about 2.700 of some 3,100 terminals that were supposed to be installed as of last Friday were operating. Mrs. Paul said.

She is considering fining Control Data Corp., a Minneapolis company that has the contract to install the computer terminals at retail outlets across the state, up to *$600 a day for every machine that isn't operating.

"It's never worked," said Snow Lopez, a Tampa newsstand operator where one of the terminals was Installed. "We're the Joke of the mall."

Frank Mirabella of Control Data insisted all 3,100 terminals were working as required by the contract but conceded 400 of them weren't communicating with lottery headquarters In Tallahassee.

Mirabella and Mrs. Paul both said most of the problems were related to telephone connections that haven't yet been made or aren't properly operating. Mrs. Paul said lottery officials also are investigating a report Thursday in The Tampa Tribune that several Tampa Bay area retailers included in a listing of terminal sites hadn't yet received their machines.