Oil expert for Csironet

CSIRO Problem In Computer Network

The Canberra Times, 11 April, 1988

Csironet has appointed Professor Val Pinczewski as a consultant to its long running oil reservoir simulation service.

The organisation has been operating the service on its Control Data 205 supercomputer for the past three years.

Professor Pinczcwski who is the Director of the Centre of Petroleum Engineering at the University of NSW, will provide specialised analysis and interpretation of the results obtained from the super computer.

Mr David Glavonjic, Csironet's managing director, said that he believes that the service will definitely be of interest to exploration companies which don't have in-house computing facilities or analysis expertise.

"It will also be of of interest to companies with very large models that arc either impossible or extremely difficult to produce without access to a large supercomputer," he said.

The reservoir simulation service uses the Eclipse software package. This produces a "black oil" model.

Information inserted into the model includes laboratory data, geological input and rock characteristics information. The data is prepared on a PC in Sydney and transferred to the supercomputer in Canberra via Csironet's computer network. The data is processed on the CD 205 and a new model is developed. Results are transferred back to Professor Pinczewski for interpretation and analysis.