New supercomputer is the world's fastest

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The Canberra Times, 11 May, 1987

What is claimed to be the most powerful supercomputer in the world, the ETA-10, has just been released by Control Data.

Even Dr Moshe Heller, Control Data's marketing consultant in simulation tcchnology (see story on page 19) hasn't used this machine yet, but no doubt his eyes will light with joy when he gets his hands on it.

ETA has a peak performance rate of 10 gigaflops (10 billion calculations per second) and can operate up to 30 times faster than its supercomputer predecessors.

The combination of advanced hardware and software with a state-of-the-art architecture allows the ETA 10 to operate at unprecedented speeds:

It uses up to 8 parallel processors, each designed to operate three to five times faster than previous supercomputer processors.

Because of the machine's high speed scalar and vector processors, large memories, broad band widths and extensive input and output capabilities, the ETA 10 has an outstanding ability to solve large and complex problems.

The ETA 10 can be accessed directly by terminals, microcomputers, workstations, and mainframes.