NCR CDC in joint design program

CSIRO Problem In Computer Network

The Canberra Times, 4 September, 1973

The National Cash Register Company and Control Data Corporation have announced the formation of the CDC-NCR Advanced Systems Laboratory to conduct joint architectural design of future computer central processing units.

The new organisation has been established to carry forward activities leading to an integrated and compatible line of computer mainframes and software to be produced by NCR and CDC

The step is being taken under the broad co-operative program announced by the two companies in January, 1972 to expand the future role of each in the general purpose computer industry.

Actual hardware and software implementation will be carried out within the two companies under the cognizance of the Advanced Systems Laboratory.

NCR and CDC have al ready established a jointly owned separate company, Computer Peripherals Inc which now has four plants and employs more than 2,000 people in-the manufacture of printers, magnetic tape handlers and punched card equipment for the parent companies

Mr P. M. Sibalik. CDC regional manager for Australasia said yesterday it was now not anticipated that a swing processor would be required to bridge the computer lines of the two companies, as was foreshadowed in the original announcement.

"The joint engineering team has determined that developments in hardware and - more importantly - operating systems technology will permit the necessary migration capability without the separate development of a swing processor", he said.

"!n other words, the concept of the swing processor has evolved to one of software rather than hardware"

Partners in joint venture

National Cash Register Company has joined with Control Data Corporation, International Computers Ltd and Compagnie Internation ale pour L'Informatique of France (CII), as an equal partner in Multinational Data SA.

Multinational Data is a joint study company, registered in Belgium, which was formed in May, 1971. One of its main purposes is the creation of EDP Standards aimed at facilitating the development of internationally compatible products within the computer industry.

In its standardisation activities, Multinational Data starts from existing national and international standards and extends the scope into new areas or into areas which have been left as options for national or user standardisation.

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