Seminar for ACT TAB staff

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The Canberra Times, 31 October, 1972

Fourteen members of the system and programming staff of the data processing division of the ACT Totalizator Agency Board attended a private five-day seminar last week on communications and systems design for real-time systems.

The course, organised by the institute division of Control Data Australia, was presented in Canberra by Mr J. Ogdin, working in conjunction with Mr. C. J. Howson, manager, data processing for the ACT TAB.

It forms part of a long term integrated training program for the TAB staff. By the end of November ACT TAB will have participated in six of Control Data's seminars, which are developed by the Institute for Advanced Technology, Washington, U.S. Mr Ogdin is an independent consultant who lives in Washington and frequently presents IAT seminars in US, Europe and Australia.

Main objectives

At the close of the special five-day seminar Mr Howson said that the main objective had been to encourage his systems and programming staff towards new skills and concepts for developing and programming a real-time and communication based system within the confines of the equipment available to them.

The course had certainly yielded much of value, particularly in motivating the data processing staff towards finding ways to improve the efficiency of the present system so as to meet the increasing demands of the ACT TAB's customers.