Link with CDC 6600 for BMR

CSIRO Problem In Computer Network

The Canberra Times, 17 October, 1972

A Control Data 200 User Terminal has been installed in the Bureau of Mineral Resources, Department of National Development, Canberra, for the use of all departmental divisions.

The terminal is connected to Control Data's CDC 6600 computer in Sydney which the department says is larger, faster and more economical than the CSIRO's CDC 2600 (sic) unit in Canberra which the department uses for smaller computations.

Before the terminal was installed, the department used an identical terminal facility at CSIRO and BMR was its largest single user.

The bureau can now undertake a greater work load and use interpretation procedures not previously feasible. Accuracy of processed data has been improved by at least 20%  from the use of automatic data processing and interpretation has also been improved.

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