New terminal system from Control Data

CSIRO Problem In Computer Network

The Canberra Times, 22 February, 1972

A new user-oriented terminal system to put large scale computing power within reach of practically any company at "reasonable cost" will be available soon from Control Data.

Known as the CDC 730 batch terminal, it will have three standard configurations - for low speed, medium speed and high speed applications.

Each has a choice of optional peripherals including card punch and reader equipment, line printers and a drum memory unit for program storage.

Control Data's Australian sales manager, Mr P. K. MacGregor, said yesterday the new 730 Series would allow easy access to the giant capacity of the CDC 6600 operated by the Data Services network.

Its compatibility would also permit all three models to be intermixed in a private network.

"The 730 Series is part of Control Data's continuing program of making available the massive power of big computers to many individuals, small companies and departmentalized large corporations", Mr MacGregor said.

"We've found that developing new ways to distribute our super-scale processing power beyond the confines of the computer room has proved to be the most sensible way, economically and technically, to serve the data processing user".