NCR & CDC plan joint program

CSIRO Problem In Computer Network

The Canberra Times, 8 February, 1972  

In line with the recent trend among computer manufacturers lo "get bigger or get out", two of the US's successful manufacturers have announced plans to co-operate in the development of new equipment.

The National Cash Register Company and Control Data Corporation have reached an agreement in principle on a broad co-operative program designed to expand each company's future role in the general purpose computer industry.

The program, announced last week by Mr William C. Norris, chairman and president of Control Data and Mr R. Stanley Laing, president of National Cash Register, involves a close association in the development of future central processing units/mainframes.

The basic elements at the program are:

The establishment of a new jointly owned 50-50 company with net assets in the area of $US50 million which will engineer and manufacture a substantial portion of the computer peripherals to be used in NCR and CDC computer systems. These include principally punched card equipment, magnetic tape equipment and high speed printers. The jointly owned company will sell its products only to the two parent companies.

Separate identities

An agreement under which the computer main frame development programs of CDC and NCR will achieve a high degree of compatibility through the use of similar architectural concepts and related software. As a part of this activity NCR will develop and produce a computer to serve as a "swing" processor to bridge the two computer lines.

Under the agreement, both companies will retain their separate corporate identities and full independence in the marketplace, continuing to serve their chosen markets and pursuing their own individual business strategies.