(Untitled) Involvement of A.W.A. In Joint Orders

CSIRO Problem In Computer Network

The Canberra Times, 26 June, 1963


(This article in the Canberra Times comes as a real eye-opener.  Much has been documented of the dual Government orders which were instrumental in establishing Control Data Corporation if Australia, but I've never seen any reference to A.W.A.'s involvement, apparently to the tune of £220,000.  

The quality of reporting is abysmal - anyone reading it without knowning the background could not be blamed for assuming that is was A.W.A. that gained the £4 million contract).

“The delivery of electronic data processing equipment for the Commonwealth Government's two major networks of electronic computers would begin about Christmas time, Mr. H. J. Trick said in Canberra yesterday.

“Mr. Trick, who is manager of the teleprinter and data systems group of A.W.A. Ltd., the Australian representative of the equipment manufacturers in the United States, is in Canberra this week for discussions with the Bureau of Census and Statistics.

“Sample data-processing equipment was delivered to the bureau on Friday, two days after the plans for the two networks had been announced.

“The networks, which will cost almost £4 million, will be installed in the Bureau and at the C.S.I.R.O.

“Mr. Trick said the cost of the data processing equipment, for the central and subsidiary computers of both networks, would be about £220.000.

“The equipment, which had been gradually developed in the United States since 1958, was first used in America about 18 months ago, and was introduced into Australia 12 months ago.

“It was now used widely throughout commercial organisations in Australia, and in Government offices, including the P.M.G. Department in Melbourne.

“An equipment demonstrator, Mrs. H. Gage, accompanied Mr. Trick to Canberra to demonstrate the equipment's operation to two of the bureau's employees. They are seen together in the picture above”.  (Ed : Not reproduced)