Control Data Australia Memories compiled by Brian Membrey

O.C.R. Sale in New Zealand

Issue 29. June, 1974

Control Data New Zealand has made another significant sale - this time a data entry system based on high speed optical character reading.

The State Services Commission which provides data processing for many departments of the New Zealand Government, has ordered a Control Data OCR system for use by the Social Welfare Department in Wellington.

The system is based on a CDC 959 page and document reader, which will be driven by a System 17 mini-computer with control through a display console.

Also linked to the system will be a magnetic tape sub-system, a disk sub-system and three high speed line printers to enable concurrent processing of other applications.

The system, which is valued at nearly $500,000, is scheduled for delivery late this year: it will be the first stand-alone OCR system in New Zealand.