Control Data Australia Memories compiled by Brian Membrey

New Zealand On The Move

Issue 25, February, 1974

Our New Zealand office in Wellington will be moving in early March from Featherston St. to a new building at 175 The Terrace, with excellent views over the heart of the city out to the harbour.

There is a tot more space in the new offices to accommodate planned expansion including staff to inaugurate Data Services in New Zealand with a public terminal linked to the Sydney Data Centre.

CDNZ is also seeking more customer engineers for both Wellington and Auckland to service the TAB and Databank systems.

As previously reported, Databank Systems Ltd. - a company formed to do all data processing for the New Zealand banks - has ordered $1 million of plug compatible equipment for its centres in Wellington and Auckland.

CDNZ success with Databank - a very large IBM user - has aroused the interest of other IBM users in New Zealand and already, another customer has signed up for a plug compatible line printer system.

Issue 26, March, 1974

There has been a further delay to plans for Control Data New Zealand to move into its new offices in Wellington.

The latest advice is that CDNZ will be in its new home at 175 The Terrace on Monday, March 25.

There will be no change to the telephone number.