CD upgrades mainframes

The Canberra Times, 11 April, 1988

Control Data has launched three enhanced 930 departmental mainframes with double the memory capacity of previous models.

The upgraded machines also have a wider range of input/output options and there is a new dual CPU model.

The new models, available in July, have been re-engineered with fewer boards to provide greater reliability and allow room in a single cabinet for a second CPU. The range includes the dual processor CD 932-32 and uniprocessors 932-11 and 932-31. All are air cooled.

Central memory now ranges from eight to 128Mb. The 64 and 128 megabyte memories use a one megabit semiconductor.

The DD 932-32 with 16Mb of memory costs $380,000. The 932-11 with 8 MB of memory costs about $108,000 and the 932-31 with 8Mb of memo ry costs $225,000. A second CPU can be added to the different systems at prices ranging from $150,000 to $270,000 depending on the model and configuration.