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CSIRO Problem In Computer Network

The Argus, 3 February, 1953

New York, Monday. A.A.P.

The General Electric Company announced last night it had built a new electronic computer capable of making 100 calculations a second, and containing one of the largest "memories" ever built Into such a device.

The firm said the machine, "OARAC", developed for the Air Force could turn out rapid-fire answers to problems that take mathematician years to solve.

The Air Force will use "OARAC" in working with complex problems of ballistics, aircraft esign and guided missiles.

A typical problem used to test the computer was so complex that 212 eight-by-ten inch pages of numbers were needed just to state the problem.

Engineers said an expert mathematicians working with desk calculators eight hours a ay might be able to reach a solution in about 45 years.  "OARAC" has done the job in about 10 eight-hour days.

The name "OARAC"  stands for Office of Air Research Automatic Computer.