40 Einsteins Couldn't Equal Robot

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CSIRO Problem In Computer Network

The Hobart Mercury, 23 November, 1950

Australian Associated Press, PRINCETON (New Jersey), Wed.

An electronic 'brain' which a Navy Department spokesnman said could solve in a matter of minutes problems which would occupy 40 Einsteins for a lifetime was unveiled here yesterday.

The spokesman said the "brain" was designed primarily as a military weapon in that it would evaluate the performance of proposed guided missiles, ships, aeroplanes, and submarines.

The brain, in a demonstration for those attending the unveiling, solved a simulated air defence problem in which a high-speed bomber was attacked successfully by a radar-controlled supersonic rocket-propelled guided missile.

It did the computing in 60 seconds, and guided the missile to its target.

FULL STORY : The Sydney Morning Herald, 5 December, 1950