World Events

October - December, 1969

October :   Willy Brandt elected first Social Democrat Chancellor of Wesrt Germany for 39 years.  Over 500 deaths reported in Papua New Guinea from influenza outbreak. Print unions in U.K. withdraw opposition to Murdoch's bid for The Sun.  Peace demonstrators stage a candlelight march around the White House as part of Vietnam Moratorium Day. Monty Python's Flying Circus made its debut on BBC Television.  The prototype Concorde 001, designed by the British and French, breaks the sound barrier during a test flight.

November : Millions of  Biafrian refugees face starvation after Nigeria bans Red Cross flights. America makes second moon landing.  Sesame Street, a children’s show, premiered on the National Education Television network (NET), which later became PBS. U.S. Governments announces charges against Lieutenant William Calley after exposure of My Lai massacre of 109 civilians in March, 1968. A quarter of a million protesters stage a peaceful demonstration in Washington, D.C., against the Vietnam War. Financier-diplomat Joseph P. Kennedy, father of John, Robert and Edward dies at age 81.

December : Charles Manson and four cult members arrested over Sharon Tate murders.  The U.S. government held its first draft lottery since World War II in 1942.  Four people killes at  a Rolling Stones  concert in California. An estimated 50 million TV viewers watch singer Tiny Tim marry his fiancée, Miss Vicky, on NBC's "Tonight Show" with Johnny Carson. British Parliament abolished the death  penalty.  The modern Irish Republican Army is founded in Belfast with the aim of forcing Northern Ireland out of the United Kingdom.   President Nixon announced the third round of Vietnam withdrawals.