World Events

October to December, 1966

October :  Hanoi insisted the United States must end its bombing in Vietnam before peace talks could begin. Joan Baez and 123 other anti-draft protestors were arrested in Oakland. Elizabeth Arden, US cosmetic manufacturer, died.  More than 140 people, mostly children, were killed when a coal waste landslide engulfed a school and several houses in Aberfan, Wales. U.S. Drug Administration Act pronounced the psychedelic drug LSD (Ly Sergic-acid Diethylamide) was made illegal.

November :  Ronald Reagan became governor of California. Republican Edward Brooke of Massachusetts was the first African-American elected to the Senate by popular vote in 85 years. US Roman Catholic bishops removed with the rule against eating meat on Fridays outside of Lent. Jean Peugeot, French auto manufacturer, died. The musical "Cabaret" opened at Broadhurst Theatre, New York, the first of 1166 performances. The Beatles began recording sessions for "Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band."

December :   U.S. aircraft bomb Hanoi, North Vietnam, for the first time. Walt Disney, movie producer, actor and director, died in Los Angeles aged 65. The United States announced the allocation of 900,000 tons of grain to fight the famine in India. Serious race riots in Chicago, Cleveland and Brooklyn.  The “Cultural Revolution” in China sees purge of established authorities by organised bodies of youths styling themselves as Red Guards”.