Control Data Australia Memories compiled by Brian Membrey


The Automation Page : 1964-65

After The Australian’s launch on July 15, 1964 some of the highlights over the eighteen months (from the viewpoint on the infant Control Data Australia) include the installation of the CSIRO network, the sale of a 3200 to the South Australian Government, wheeling-and-dealings over the Victorian TAB order, the announcements of the 6000 series, rumours over the University of South Australia seeking a 6400 (“the most powerful computer to arrive in Australia”) - and even more so in relation to a little-known “Department of Defence Signals”.

“Off the field”, Tokyo hosts the 1964 Olympics, the rapid escalation of the “civil war” in Vietnam, mounting racial tensions in the United States, four  long-haired Liverpudlians revolutionise the pop music world and Russia puts a man into space.  

Locally, the Australian Government announces plans for a birthday-based conscription and the first troops leave for Vietnam. ...

For a slightly earlier history of the early days of Computing in Australia, check out Ron Bird’s 1962 Computer Census to which we’ve added a heap more details of the “computer” suppliers in Melbourne at the time - “computers” because the terminology didn’t appear in the Yellow Pages until 1965!