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Heidelbergshire : The Great War

BLISS, Frederick    

210, Private, 6th Australian Commonwealth Horse (Victoria). Enlisted 26 April, 1902 as a 22 year-old farm labourer from Rushworth, but with his father Theodore in Grange Road, Alphington as next of kin.  He again volunteered for World War 1 using his full name of Frederick Roden Bliss, then married and living in Coburg.  Bliss served as an Air Mechanic with the Australian Flying Corps and returned in May, 1919.

HEHIR, Timothy Edward    

2311, Private, 4th Australian Commonwealth Horse (Victoria). Enlisted 11 February, 1902 as a labourer with his father Patrick in Fairfield listed as next of kin. The only Patrick listed around that time was a grocer in Brighton Street, Richmond, but he may have lived in Fairfield.

KIMPTON, Austin George  *  He enlisted in August, 1914 as a 32-year-old driver, then shown as married with he and his wife May in Station-street, Fairfield.  He was wounded at Gallipoli and after being shipped to the Western Front was returned to England with trench fever in July, 1917 and was consistently in trouble during the latter half of the year, three times Absent Without Leave. These were relatively minor indiscretions, but he later faced a Court Martial and was found guilty of breaking into the house of a French citizen and then assaulting him.  Kimpton was sentenced to 28 days Field Punishment and to forfeit 331 day’s pay, 200 of the latter subsequently remitted.  He returned to his unit under arrest and was again wounded, this time fatally with a shell wound to the head, dying within a few hours at the 2nd Field Ambulance near Bayonvilliers, France on 9 August, 1918.

PETTIT, Alfred * He was born in England and the family emigrated when he was just three years old.  Pettit served as 337, Second Victorian Mounted Rifles, living in Fitzroy and as a printer with the Government Printing Office. Pettit was single and living with a married sister in Station Street, Fairfield when he enlisted in January, 1916 He served as a Private with the 37 Infantry before he died of wounds on 26 May, 1917 at Boulogne, France aged 41 years.  

A brother, George was one of a small number of men who embarked twice for South Africa. He was in Morwell and a 22 year-old farmer when he volunteered and served as 337, Trooper, Second Victorian Mounted Rifle.  He was invalided home in August, 1900 and later re-embarked 929, Private, with the Fifth Victorian Mounted Rifles. He does not appear to have served in the Great War, but a son, Ronald Frederick, born in Northcote in 1923, enlisted as VX139870 in the Second World War while residing in New Guinea.

SUMPTER, Henry *  Born in Northampton, England, Sumpter served with the  4th Battalion, Northants Infantry Regiment in South Africa before migrating to Australia in 1911 at 29 years of age. He married locally and was in Perry Street, Alphington when he enlisted in February, 1916.  Sumpter was killed in action at Bourses, France on 11 July, 1918 while serving as a Private with the 6th Infantry. Pictured right.

THOMPSON, Frank Woodfield Dixon *   Thompson's Great War Attestation suggested that he had spent a year with the Capetown Highlanders during the Boer War. His connection to Darebin is a little unclear - he served with the militia forces in Perth and listed his mother as next of kin and living there, but she is later shown in Fitzroy and Thompson appears to have been living with an elder brother in Lucerne Crescent in Alphington. He enlisted of the first day offices were open and served as a Lance Corporal with 7 Infantry Battalion before being killed in action at Gallipoli on 12 August, 1915.