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Compiled for OzSportsHistory by Brian Membrey


 From the Municipal Directory : 1914

NORTHCOTE – A flourishing city on Merri Merri creek with post, telegraph and money order offices and court of sessions   New “Carnegie” public and free lending library (5,200 vols) costing £3,590, maintained by Council   Six hotels, agencies of insurance companies, branches of three banks, two State and four private schools, patent brickworks, twelve churches, savings bank and home of Little Sisters of the Poor   Two bowling greens and cricket grounds   Picturesque views obtained from the hill   Railway – Melbourne to Heidelberg via Collingwood passes through Northcote; with stations to Westgarth, 3 3/4 miles, fares 3d  and 2d, close to local cable tramway   Melbourne to Preston and Whittlesea passes midway between St  George's Road and High Street   Stations, viz : Merri, 4 ½ miles, Northcote, 4 3/4 miles, fares both stations 3d and 2d , Croxton 5¼ miles, fares 3½d  and 2½d , Thornbury 6 miles, fares 4d  and 3d     Tramway – Melbourne Tram Co , two cable lines, fare 3d, by ticket 2d, also section from Johnston Street to Merri Creek, fare 1d   Municipal tramway – Property of Council, from the terminus of Clifton Hill tram line to northern boundary of Northcote, fares (two sections), from City end to Separation Street, or from the Town Hall to terminus, either way 1d , through fare, 2d   Population : 21,167 (26,394, 24 7%)

PRESTON - Industrial and horticultural township between the Merri and Darebin creeks, with post and money order office, telegraph station, savings bank, State school, court-house, police stations, police station, eight churches, free library, six hotels, agencies of insurance companies, branch of bank, Bradford and Rechabite halls, fire brigade,, brickworks, soap works, pottery, four ham and bacon curing works and six tanneries   Electric light and municipal quarries   Fruits and flowers grown extensively for market   Three public gardens; well-kept bowling green; cricket, football, tennis, rifle and two cycle clubs   Masonic, A N A , Rechabite, Orange and I O O F  lodges   Reservoir at Preston in connection with Yan Yean metropolitan water supply   Railway – stations at Bell, 5 3/4 miles, fares, 4d  and 3d; Preston, 6 ¼ miles, fares 4½d  and 3½d; Regent, 7 miles, fares 5d  and 4d; and Reservoir 7 3/4 miles, fares 5¼d  and 4½d; also via Fitzroy to Whittlesea   Population : 6,297  (7,901, 25 4%)    

FAIRFIELD - Improving township with telegraph and money-order office, telephone bureau, State school, three churches, Rechabite hall, branch of bank, hospital, public park, recreation reserve and hotel   Flat tableland, overlying basalt   Railway - 5 miles, fare 3½d and 2d   Population 3,632 (4,985, 37 3%)

ALPHINGTON - Horticultural township with State school, three churches, post and telegraph office, branch of bank, police station public hall, tennis club, gasometer, three hotels and public park  Stone crushing works  Rail 5 ¾ miles, fares 5½d and 4½d   Population : 496 (680, 37%)

EPPING – Agricultural and dairying district of Darebin creek with post office, two hotels, two State and denominational schools, three churches, public library (over 400 vols), shire hall, police station and cemetery  Railway – 13 miles, fares 11d and 81/2  Population, 605 (not given in 1919)

THOMASTOWN – Agricultural township on Epping Road, with State school, two churches, post office and hotel   Railway – 11 miles, fares 9d and 7d      Population, 104 (283, 175%)

The figures shown in parentheses are the population as shown in the 1919 directory and the growth percentage