What’s New? November, 2016

After a couple ofy years of just adding bits and pieces and suffering many frustrations with upgrades to the authoring package I use both losing links and re-sizing objects, the month of the big-70 birthday s largely devoted to reviewing and standardising all sections of the site.  

The more I look at the existing version, the more I realise how overdue a review is

Along the way, a lot of new and updated material has been added.

Downloads :

All downloads with the exception of VicTab : How and Why (due end of November) have been updated. The World War One In Memoriam and Enlistment Rolld in particular have expanded after an extensive search of National Archives records which have incorrect places of birth recorded for some 17,000 servicemen.   There are a couple of new additions to the Darebin section (again a couple more by the end of the month), plus a newby for Control Data - The Fabulous Fifties; an esoteric collection of newspaper and magazine articles from the 1950s (and 40s) when Men were Men, Women were Women, and Computers were “Electronic Brains”

Control Data Australia  

Along with the The Fabulous Fifties, there are several new articles added : CDA and the China Connection (Courtesy of George Pace); CRISP crashes at the last; Off-course betting On-course; ACT Certificate of Incorporation; ETR Resigns (Again); ETR The Eulogy (John O’Neil) and The Miden Buyout.   Check the CDA section for the appropriate links.

Victorian TAB :

This section under CDA has around 40% of the pages relating to the history of the totalizator and subsequent establishment of the Victorian TAB substantially expanded - too many to list individually/ Browse to your heart’s content or be patient while I upgrade to PDF (basically just re-pagination, but still a couple of hours. Again, the taget is the end of November pending standing in front of rapidly moving trams.

Some of the material previously included under Proprietary Courses has been deleted for two reasons - firstly, a project in conjunction with the new Victorian racing Channel-78 added around another dozen long-forgotten courses at places like Ivanhoe, South Melbourne, Dandenong, Essendon, St. Kilda and Prahran (on the Alfred Hospital site) to the list; and secondly, with the exception of Ascot, none of the early or proprietary tracks ever used totalizators, so it was all a bit “off-topic” anyway.  The details will be transferred to The Horse’s Mouth section, again aiming the end of November.

Darebin :

Most of the Downloads have been updated, primarily Women in Uniform and Darebin’s Boer War.  There are also a couple of new Downloads of a relatively small size, again a couple more that I hope to complete before the end of the month.

South Preston State School :

A few updates to the In Memoriam Roll and History; rather more to Memories.  Given it was suggested at the 150th Anniversary Open Day on 6 November that an “official” history of the school is under way, all of my History has been handed over to the nominated compiler and further updates to my document are most unlikely.  I’ll post details when more in known of the official version, but practical experience suggests it is probably at least twelve months away