Day 6, Wednesday, November 28

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Compiled for OzSportsHistory by Brian Membrey

Day Six, Wednesday, November 28


8.00 am BASKETBALL, Exhibition Building.

8.30 am FENCING (Epee Team), St. Kilda Town Hall.

10.00 am ATHLETICS; Main Stadium.

10.00 am Shot Put - Qualifying Trials.

10.00 am Javelin (Women) - Qualifying Trials

10.00 am HOCKEY (Qualifying Matches), Olympic Park.

11.00 am MODERN PENTATHLON Athletics) - Selected Country Venues.

11.00 am WRESTLING (Free Style), Exhibition Building.

12 noon YACHTING, Port Phillip Bay.

12 noon Large Classes.

12.30 pm Intermediate Classes.

1.00 pm Olympic Dinghy Class

1.30 pm BASKETBALL (Semi-finals), Exhibition Building. **

2.00 pm BOXING (Quarter-finals), West Melbourne Stadium.

2.30 pm ATHLETICS, Main Stadium.

2.30 pm 110 metres Hurdles -Semi-finals.

2.30 pm Shot Put - Final.

2.50 pm 20 kilometre Walk -Start.

3.00 pm 400 metres - 1st Round.

3.30 pm Javelin (Women) - Final.

4.05 pm 110 Hurdles - Final.

4.45 pm 5000 metres - Final.

5.15 pm 80 metres Hurdles (Women) - Final.

5.35 pm 400 metres - 2nd Round.

2.30 pm HOCKEY (Qualifying Matches), Olympic Park.

2.00 pm SWIMMING (Water Polo), Swimming Stadium.

2.00 pm FENCING (Epee Team), St. Kilda Town Hall.

4.30 pm FOOTBALL (1st Round Match), Olympic Park.

7.00 pm FENCING (Epee Team), St. Kilda Town Hall.

7.00 pm WRESTLING (Free Style), Exhibition Building.

7.30 pm BOXING (Quarterfinals), West Melbourne Stadium.

7.30 pm SWIMMING (Water Polo), Swimming Stadium.

8.00 pm BASKETBALL, (Semifinals). Exhibition Building. **

** per original program, several more matches incluidng semi-finals were played at the Glacarium at the times nominated. Although only 15 nations competed, the pool system meant 56 matches had to be played, obviously too many for one venue.

Exhibition Buildings, Flyweight wrestling, L, Chinazzo (italy) v A. M. Khojastehpoor (Iran, winner) Olympic Pool, unidentified woman competitor, Springboard Diving Albert Park, numbers 1 Ted Alsopp and 2 Ron Crawford of Australia and an American wearing glasses, in the 20 kilometres road walk.