Compiled for OzSportsHistory by Brian Membrey


Day Twelve, Wednesday, December 5

8 30 am FENCING (Sabre-Individual), St  Kilda Town Hall

9 00 am GYMNASTICS (Women), West Melbourne Stadium

9 00 am SHOOTING, Williamstown

Small-bore Rifle - Prone - 60 Shots

Silhouette - 30 Shots

10 00 am WRESTLING (Greco-Roman), Exhibition Building

12 noon YACHTING, Port Phillip Bay

12 noon Large Classes

12 30 pm Intermediate Classes

1 00 pm Olympic Dinghy Class

2 00 GYMNASTICS (Women), West Melbourne Stadium

2 00 pm SWIMMING, Swimming Stadium

High Diving -Men - 1st Group of Dives

1500 metres Free Style - Men - Heats

400 metres Free Style - Ladies - Heats

Water Polo

2 00 pm FENCING (Sabre-Individual), St  Kilda Town Hall

4 30 pm FOOTBALL (Semi-final, Main Stadium

7 00 pm FENCING (Sabre-Individual), St  Kilda Town Hall

7 00 pm WRESTLING (Greco-Roman), Exhibition Building

7 30 pm SWIMMING  Swimming Stadium

High Diving-Men, 2nd Group (if necessary)

1500 metres Free Style Men-Heats

200 metres Breaststroke -Men - Semi-finals

100 metres Backstroke - Ladies - Final

100 metres Butterfly - Ladies - Final

100 metres Backstroke - Men - Semi-finals

Water Polo

Left :One less hoofed mammal to pester the good citizens of Williamstown - Gold Medallist V. Romanenko (U.S.S.R) on the 100-metre Running Deer range. The target, mounted on a trolley, traversed 23 metres with competitors firing once or twice depending on the section of the contest.  Contestants had a maximum of four seconds to fire in the single-shot and two in the double-shot.

Right : Modern Pentathlon, start of a heat of the 300 metre swim. The standard time set for the event was four minutes (1,000 points) - with a bonus or loss of five points for every second below or above such standard time.